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Because of its scale and ambition this is a phased delivery project. The project started in 1995 with £450k of GOSE (SRB) funding to complete pilot greenway projects in or near the rail corridor (Completed Projects) Current projects build on the Greenway town centre loop concept, including developing safe (mostly traffic free) cycleway access through Alexandra Park,and extending a cycleway through Silverhill with Asda (?) Superstore funding.

Town Centre Loop

Another current project is to liaise with Network Rail (NR) on the best way to deliver a safe rail-corridor based greenway alongside an operational railway. NR (who support the Greenway project) need to complete a Greenway impact study that will determine if the Greenway can meet railway asset-protection conditions, deliver added value for NR.

Completion of the Greenway town centre Loop is essential to establish circular connectivity and create on Greenway Hub on which to develop boroughwide Strategic Greenway links.The Greenway loop project is a cross-party infrastructure project supported by all the political stripes in Hastings, by local communities, and by Hastings Borough Council, East Sussex County Council, Network Rail and others.