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When completed the Greenway town centre loop creates a Greenyway hub on which future new strategic links canbe connected. A wholistic Greenway concept proposes an expanded Greenway with a set of new borough wide Greenway links that radiate out from the town centre, improving walking & cycling connectivity, and helping to meet borough wide needs for accessible urban greenspace. The Strategic Greenway concept has now been adopted in Hastings Borough Council’s draft Local Plan, and in the 2014 East Sussex County Council’s Walking & Cycling Plan for Hastings.

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The Strategic Greenway comprises 5 new links:

  • L1 Town Centre Link (Loop)
  • L2 Ore Valley Link
  • L3 Central St Leonards Link
  • L4 Conquest link
  • L5 Combe Valley Link
  • a Ore Station
  • b Hastings Station
  • c Warrior Square Station