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Greenways are a special type of green infrastructure that are increasingly seen in urban regeneration projects in the UK, Europe and elsewhere. In the UK a Greenway is an integral element of the London 2012 Olympic Park. Exemplar Greenways have also been developed in New York (the High Line Project) and in Paris (Avenue Plantee).


Unlike conventional greenspace or parks ,which tend to be scattered and isolated within the existing urban fabric, Greenways are linear and connective with an emphasis on safe walking and cycling. A unique selling point (USP) is that greenways aim to bring the park to the people, rather than people to the park.
The best greenways are also interactive, rather than passive, meaning they are multi-functional greenspaces; able to support a wide range of local and civic needs including connectivity, sustainability, amenity
recreation, health and wellbeing. The Hastings Greenway project aims to create a contemporary urban greenway within the town existing fabric with minimum disruption and acceptable cost.